Use WhatsApp without revealing your real Number!

Hey Guys ! some of you want to use whatsapp without revealing your real number, sometimes we want to chat with someone without showing our real number so in this article we will tell you how you can do that without using your real whatsapp number and by using virtual USA Number ! Yes very cool right ! 

Use WhatsApp without revealing your real Number !

Use WhatsApp without revealing your real Number

Lets Get Started.

Here are steps you have to follow:

First Step: First of all you may heard about Parallel Space App which allow you to use multiple instance of any app more then one time ! 

if you Do not know about Parallel Space Goto this link: Parallel Space Android Application

So got o given link and Download it for using multiple whatsapp in your android smartphone !

Parallel Space Android App

Second Step: After Installing Parallel Space and making Clone of Whatsapp Using Parallel Space app. 

Now its time to move further with Second App Called Primo App, Primo App allow you to create/register your own virtual number and it forward all calls and messages to your Primo App.

Download Primo app from here : Primo Android Application

After Downloading Primo just register account with your real email and verify your email like typical register system you know !

Now after register is done, just swipe from left and Tap on Add Phone Number and this app. will generate free USA number for you !

Primo Android App

Third Step: Now Open your Parallel Space Whatsapp and Enter that virtual number you get from Primo app and select Calling option to verify Your whatsapp !

you get call from whatsapp on your Virtual number ! Listen verification code and enter in whatsapp !

That's it You Have Now your Whatsapp Account Without using your real number ! isn't it Cool ?

Thank You Guys ! 

Orignal credit for this tricks is goes to Jay Kapoor, who is youtuber and Young Tech Star of India !

Here is Video of this trick made by Jay Kapoor :

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