10 Tips To Increase Battery Life of Your Smartphone

The smartphones are so smart that it give its users do a lot of things just like normal computer. people use their mobile phones daily for couple of hours, it is one need of life to do things such as chat with friends, play games, watch movies or shows, listen to songs, search for information or a location, etc. also for to make calls and send text messages of course. Due to this, the battery life of smartphones is very short as compared old keypad phone that is very restricted.

The old phone’s battery would go on until days without charging but, the smartphones need to be charged daily or even twice a day depending upon the usage of the smartphone. Even though the mobile manufacturing companies provide with large battery backups such as 3000 mAh or 4000 mAh in their smartphones still, some heavy users feel the necessity of a longer battery life. In this case, some battery optimization steps need to be taken to extend the battery life of a smartphone considerably. Hence, listed below are some methods which will surely help you to add some extra juice in your smartphone’s battery life.

10 Tips To Increase Battery Life of Your Smartphone

Tips To Increase Battery Life of Your Smartphone
Top 10 Tips To Increase Battery Life of Your Smartphone

1. Use Pure Black Wallpaper

Black wallpapers on AMOLED screens can help increase battery life as AMOLED screens only push the coloured pixels. Since black requires no pixel to be lit, it prevents battery drain and add some extra juice to your battery life also if you can't use pure black, use wallpaper which is 70%+ pure black such as minimal wallpapers they looks cool too.

2. Reduce Brightness level

Highest battery consumption is due to high brightness. You can save a lot of battery life on your smartphone by reducing the brightness if there is no necessity. some smartphones comes with The auto-brightness option pre-installed, adjusts the brightness efficiently for you, but sometimes it doesn’t so always keep a manual check on the brightness level that what we recommend.

3. Manage apps

Keep the apps on your smartphone updated because developers add optimized code/better/well defined code every time they find and which do reduce battery and RAM consumption on your smartphone. Also, delete apps which you are not using since they might be eating your battery in background.

4. Use Hibernating Apps

Apps such as Greenify, hibernate, etc. let you put apps into hibernation. When hibernated, these apps can not be active in the background and hence, it saves you a lot battery life. we recommend Greenify as our first choice for hibernating apps, here is link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.oasisfeng.greenify&hl=en

5. Turn off Unwanted Services

GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, mobile data, etc. heavily drain your battery because they produce the search for better signals every minute or so. Turn these off whenever you don't need them. sometimes In some places where your phone doesn’t receive any signal, it is recommended to put it on ‘Airplane Mode.’

6. Avoid useless Widgets

Keep the count of widgets you use. Also, avoid useless widgets which tell you about the weather and others which are connected to the internet if you don't care about weather since, they drain too much battery. remove all the unwanted widgets from your smartphone screen.

7. use inbuilt Battery Saving Option

Each and every smartphone now days provides some option which lets you save up on your battery. specially samsung phone comes with pre-loaded battery saving options. Find this option on your device and use it, in case there is no option in your smartphone then use hibernate app as we talked at point number 4.

8. Take Care of Your Smartphone

for smartphones, It is recommended to avoid direct contact with sunlight for a long time. High temperature causes the high battery drain. while, at normal temperature, they work well with optimized battery life.

9. Set Shorter Screen Timeout

Some people tend to leave their phones unlocked after use. In that case, if the screen timeout time is longer, the screen display will remain on for that amount of time. Every time a notification arrives, your phone will be awake for a longer period and that resulting in drain of a lot battery juice. So, reduce the screen timeout time(15 sec. recommended) to save battery juice on your smartphone.

10. Don't Put On Vibrate mode

Vibrating mode eat up a lot of your battery juice. Vibrations help you for better with notification of an incoming call or message but, it serves as one of the highest battery drainers. Avoid using vibrating mode as your notifiers and use ringtone or little audio to add some more time to your battery juice.

is that Efficient? try it.

These are some of the most useful tips which will surely increase your battery life considerably without affecting your comfort. You can try these tips on your smartphone and get instant results. 

Did we miss out any important and efficient tip? If yes then, please let us know in the comments. Thanks !


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