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Prevent yourself from Keylogging Attack 2017

Hey, Geeks and Hackers Out there welcome to another awesome blog post about Preventing Keylogging attacks. Today I will talk about how you can prevent yourself from keylogging attack. For those, who doesn’t know about the keylogging tricks then I will let you know. So, let’s begin the article about “Prevent Keylogging” in 2017.

What is Keylogging Attack?

Keylogger is a tool used for piracy and track user activities on the computer. Keylogger is a spyware or malware which records all the keystrokes(Key you type while writing something) pressed by you. Sometimes organizations also used these type of spyware to spy on employees activity. Keylogging is a professional technique of Tracking any devices. Today. We will discuss how you can stay safe from these type of hacking attacks.

prevent keylogging hacking attacks 2017
Prevent Keylogging Hacking

Prevent Keylogging and stay safe from Hacking

There are so many methods stay safe from keylogging. Below I have listed all Basic the techniques to stay safe from Keylogging.

#1. Best Pro Antivirus:

The one of the best security for keylogging is used the best Antivirus to stay safe. There is so many software which provides safety against keylogging hacking. Antivirus is a good way to stay safe from a keylogger. But one thing I tell you sometimes hackers uses highly encrypted keyloggers called FUD(fully UnDetectable) so that we are unable to detect the Keylogger spyware. For that, i recommend you to use linux or mac or if you want to use windows use Original/Genuine Windows Now, moving towards next method.

#2. Use Trusted Site:

In nowadays there are lots of scam sites which are using scripts to hack a user’s information. It is the most dangerous thing I have ever noticed professional hacker doing. To prevent keylogging, you must know about all the method that hackers used in their daily life. Untrusted sites are only created to fool users by using different techniques in which the Keylogging is one. Sometimes websites are asking you to install any third party software, which means it was not officially uploaded on that site. So, don’t ever try to download anything from that type of website. 

one of the example of that is Pirated/cracked windows that almost you all guys installed without knowing that at back there might be a keylogger or malware that tracking you activities. So Don't use Cracked apps/software and Do not download anything from Unofficial/non-trusted Sites.

#3. Always Scan Removable Device: 

Whenever you connect any flash drive it will consist many malware and spyware which are downloaded from the internet or anywhere else. Professional hackers put the small utility in the pen drive, and it will automatically start a background process which will record every single click of your computer or PC. That’s why it is important always to scan the removable device guys. To prevent keylogging always scans your drivers.

#4. Browsers Extensions:

Browsers are the important things of any computer system. There are lots of sites which own the browser’s extensions. Some of the websites are trusted but some are fake and scams. That’s why don’t try to add many/suspicious extensions to your browsers.

So, above I have listed some of the method to prevent from Keylogging or, you know any other method to stay safe from keylogging do let us know in comment below.

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