How to Create The Perfect Password

In this Digital world, People are still using "Password" or 123456 as their password, those people's information is more risky. in this guide we will tell you About The perfect password , That allow you to protect yourself from hackers and any type of Brute Force Attacks on Your Accounts.

How to Create The Perfect Password

so lets get started with How to Create The Perfect Password, Full Guide with Examples and Logic of Perfect Password. How to create perfect password which is nearly impossible to hack. apart from that we will also mention some Facts and Comparison of Weak, Medium and Strong Password. And How we can Forget About Best password manager.

Perfect Password ignorance Facts

  1. 15-17 Minutes it took Stricture Consulting Group to Crack 10,223 Passwords.
  2. 600,000 is number of hackers that log into facebook everyday trying to breach user's personal security.
  3. $1 Billion Amount hackers take from small to medium sized banks in Europe and U.S. Every Year.
Do not let your accounts be easy targets.

Weak, Medium and Strong Password Comparisons

  1. Weak Password is mix of lower case characters only like abc , Medium Password is Mix of Characters and Numbers like a2c and Strong Password is Combination of upper and lower case letters and numbers and Special Symbols, Ex: bY!4
  2. Weak Password is common names, pet names, birth dates, Medium password is at least 8 Character Long while Strong Password is 8+ Character long.
  3. Weak Password 1-6 Character long, Medium password is both lower and uppercase and Strong password is upper , lower and Number and Symbol like Ab#3
  4. Weak Password is incorporate dictionary words, Medium password include letters + Numbers + Symbols like 6&! while Strong Password  contain made-up phrases like B!g d0G5
  5. Weak Password is Repeating previously used passwords , medium password is Out of Dictionary words  and Strong Password is using No-Complete words.
  6. Weak password Contains Keyboard pattern like qwertyuiop or rtyuio or swipes , There is no Medium Comparison and Strong password is Changed Regularly to Prevent Hacking / Exposure. Example: W4f!dt <-> W6Tb*7&

How To Create The Perfect Password

Use Lower and upper case letters.
Numbers and Keyboard Characters.

George Shaffer, a password expert, says that a password of eight Characters in length and one which utilises numbers, letters and keyboard characters,won't be cracked for two years.

Go For Length Over Complexity 

10 Character long password can be cracked using brute force in 1 Week

While On Other hand

15 Character password will take 1.49m Centuries to be cracked !

Don't Use: Dictionary Words, Slags, Names, Email Addresses

Use PassPhrases like: Derjf9+fldmsrb1y
which simply is "Derek Jumped for Glory and Failed Miserably"

passphrase is much easier to remember than non-meaningful words like asg^556

Get Yourself Password Manager

get Your Self Best Password Manager like LastPass, KeePass, 1password etc.

a Password manager will remember all your password so that you don't have to. but there nothing 100% secure, we recommend LastPass which added New Security Layer After they Breached in 2011.

They are available for Smartphone also, so using it on smartphone is also a good step towards security.

Don't Disclose Your password details to anybody

Don't write your password anywhere and don't Post-it anywhere, don't disclose your password to anyone, and specially don't stick it on your monitor at work.

Think if you goto Holiday, will your leave your home main door open? No right then why write your password anywhere or hide.

Use password manager as we mention above if you can't remember your passwords.

Be Vigilant

When ever you are watch out for people looking at your laptop screen over your shoulder. Don't leave your laptop alone for any period of time.

even if you are using a free Wi-Fi connection, that doesn't stop somebody in a nearby building looking to steal your data on same network. So, it's crucial you create the perfect password.

Follow These Steps and You can be safe in the knowledge that your new password is secure ....for now.

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Hope You have made your new Password, sorry we mean "perfect password".

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