Facebook Hacking Tricks – Real FB Tips & Hacks 2018

Facebook is a largest online social site which is very popular and most used social communication site. Sometimes we need to know about our near one’s life. So that ‘s why we need some tips & Tricks to know about WhatsApp profile. That’s why Today I am going to list some Facebook hacking tricks & tips.

The list of Facebook hacks and tricks I have given below is real and tested by me personally. So, there is no need to tested these. The world has been changed and now everyone needs some extra skills to change according to the world. Here we presented a Top Facebook hacking tricks guys. So, let’s start the article about hacking skills…..

Real Facebook Hacking Tricks 2018 – Proven Method

Facebook Hacking Tricks

Let’s get into the list of Hacking tricks & tips:

#1. Phishing Attack

First Facebook Hacking trick is Phishing Method. Phishing is use by anyone with a little knowledge of PHP and HTML code. Phishing Hacking technique is the oldest one that users use to hack FB in a real time. Whenever you had login into your facebook account, Did you check the HTTPS connections, I think no. Because of this reason many users are getting hacked in a world. In Phishing Attack users are forced to log in with their Facebook details. After that, you even don’t get noticed that your account details are used by someone else. Phishing in mainly used for only FB Hacking. Later I will post an article about Phishing technique.

#2. Facebook Sniffer

Have you ever heard about the Sniffer tools, which catches the data packets, which are transmitted over WiFi? I think many of you doesn’t know about these sniffer techniques. But today here I am going to list a method to hack FB through FaceNiff hacking tool. FaceNiff is an FB Hacking trick which hijacks the unencrypted session ID cookies from the websites. Facesniff monitors the WiFi packets and allows you to enter into victim’s account. It’s the easiest and realistic facebook hacking trick. Download FaceNiff App here.

#3. Keylogging Hacking Trick

Keylogging is a technique in which the hacker records the Every keystroke pressed by victims. Keylogging method requires a spy application in which we can create our spy file and send it to the victim. When the victim opens our file, the background process will start and send us the every detail of victim’s computer. It is an excellent and impressive trick that’s why it is on the list of Facebook Hacking Tricks. Read here about how to be safe from Keylogging attack.

Let’s Talk About Facebook Tips & Hacks

Facebook is a beautiful place where we share our feelings and thoughts. But sometimes we need some extra, For that, we have listed some Facebook tips below.

#1. Who Visit Your Profile

Isn’t it cool that who viewed your profile many times? I think it’s superb to see the list of your hater or lover 🙂 .  The trick is so simple and easy to do within seconds. There is a chrome extension named Flatbook. Flatbook is an excellent extension which the way we use Facebook. It has many features which don’t come with Facebook.

#2. Delete Your Account Permanently

On Facebook, it’s not easy to delete your account quickly. Cause Facebook doesn’t want their user to left Facebooking. That’s why the option is hidden in a help area. But today here at our site you will get a button down which automatically redirect to delete a page on Facebook. This is the most hide Tip for a Facebook user.

#3. Facebook Toolkit

The Facebook toolkit is specially designed for Facebook users. In this Facebook toolkit, you will found many tricks like add all friends at once into the group, delete all messages at once, Accept friend request at once and much more. Download Facebook toolkit here from Google Webstore. It is a chrome extension which works on Facebook only. and You can Accept and Reject All Friend Request on Facebook at once

So, these are the some of the cool facebook hacking tricks & tips 2018, If you like the article hit share and subscribe button guys. Have the question in your mind ask in the comment box.


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