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“Screen Overlay Detected” Issue Fixed Permanently In Any Android?

“Screen Overlay Detected” Issue Fixed Permanently In Any Android?
The cause of this Screen Overlay Detected Error: This message appears when you have a floating app running on your device, and you run a newly installed app which requests access rights on it.

Floating apps causing this trouble are: The chat heads of Facebook Messenger, CleanMaster, Lux, and Twilight are the apps which bring you the ‘screen overlay detected‘ trouble.
Fix “Screen Overlay Detected” Permanently Solved Now that you know the reason for the ‘screen overlay detected‘ trouble let’s understand the step by step method which you need to execute to get rid of this message.

Step 1 - First, you will have to know which apps in your smartphone have the permission to draw over your screen. To know this, you need to follow the steps listed below.

1. Go to the Settings of your smartphone.

2. Here, go to ‘Apps‘ and then, select ‘Draw over other apps.’

You will get the list of all the apps which are allowed to draw over oth…

Freedom v1.7.7 Apk : Unlimited In-App Purchases Hack on Android is Here!

Freedom v1.7.7 Apk Using this app, you will be able to purchase all Coins, Gems, Levels and Lives for free!! It contains an inbuilt free card, which can be used on Google Play!


Improved support for latest Google PlayAdded support for more apps/gamesSubscriptions Emulation
How to use it?

Uninstall previous Freedom apkDownload Latest Freedom apk file given belowExtract itMake sure that you have “Unknown sources” enabled in your security settingsInstall downloaded APK and launch itAllow superuser permissions request(root access)Tap on application in which you want to use free in-app purchase, wait a little. Application should start automaticallyNext, make your in-app purchase


Download Links
Freedom v1.7.7 APK[Click Here]  (1.8 MB)  Share !! Comment !!

Best Free Disposable Temporary Email Address Providers

Today We Use Tons of online websites and services which required sign up and if you do sign up for tons of services and accounts they do spam and full our email inbox so, solution is to use fake Temporary Email Address so that we can confirm email to access account or service.
Here we listed Our Best 10 Free Disposable Temporary Email Address Providers, that we love most and you can try this Free Disposable Temporary Email Address Providers and trust me this makes life easy for power users.
If you don’t want to use your personal email for those sites then you can use disposable temporary Email Address.

Free Disposable Temporary Email Address Providers 1. Hidester Hidester is one of the best Temporary Email providers. They provides disposable e-mail addresses which expire after 30 Minutes. You can create unlimited disposable email address without registration and also you can reply to e-mails that are sent to the temporary e-mail address.

2. Yopmail Yopmail is a temp mail provider. To…

URLSnarf - Kali Linux Tool used to Sniffing in Network

Urlsnarf outputs all requested URLs sniffed from HTTP traffic in CLF (Common Log Format, used by almost all web servers), suitable for offline post-processing with your favorite web log analysis tool.
Urlsnarf outputs all requested URLs sniffed from HTTP traffic in CLF (Common Log Format, used by almost all web servers), suitable for offline post-processing with your favorite web log analysis tool (analog, wwwstat, etc.).
URLSnarf - Kali Linux Tool used to Sniffing in Network
MITM attack is a type of cyber attack where the attacker intercepts communication between two parties.
Step 1: Need to install websploit in kali if not present.
root@kali:~# apt-get install websploit

Step 2: To Run the websploit
root@kali:~# websploit
Step 3: Next we need to list the modules with the websploit.
wsf > show modules

Step 4: Need to select network/mitm under Network modules.
wsf > use network/mitm wsf:MITM > show options
Interface: Need to specify network adapter interface based on our network a…

Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable - Review

Hey, Readers today we are going to review Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable - 6 feet(1.8 meter) so this product we find during searching on amazon because we often find our lighting cable broken, and also we want long 6 feet Lightning to USB Cable so we can easily move around while charging.

Before moving towards review lets check out, this Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable's features and quality that manufacture mentioned on amazon. also we like mention that this cable is stand-alone cable.
Charge & Sync : Apple MFi (Made for iPhone, iPad, and iPod) certification ensures complete charge and sync compatibility with your Apple device. Connect the Lightning Adapter to your Apple device and connect the USB side into a wall adapter or USB hub to charge or your computer to sync data.
Small Head Works With Most Cases : Measuring 0.35 inches in diameter and 0.22 inches in height, the narrow Lightning Adapter is small enough to fit most cases but strong enough to withstand re…

How to Unlock Apps from AppLock

In this article we will show you how you can unlock apps or you can say unlock applock without knowing password or pin or pattern, so let start this article by just basic introduction about how current situation is.
We all have smartphones, specially most of use own android smartphone, now android is not secure as iphone or windows phone so all power users have applock installed on their phones, no matter which applock app you use.

We always use an AppLock app to protect our privacy and hiding applications, photos & videos with Pattern lock or password. This is very useful for us because after locking with AppLock application anyone can’t access to apps, photos and videos etc. without our permission. But sometimes we forget the Applock password & can’t open the apps. In this situation what can we do? So In this post, I’ll tell you 5 ways with that you can unlock apps from AppLock without the password.

So, you people have installed different different type of applock, we don’t …

How to Root Android Without Computer

Root android is a like tweak that enables you to break down security of android, and make customization according to your need. Rooting android is common now days, search on youtube and you can found a lots of tutorials,but in this tutorial we will make it easy for you by showing how easy is to root android with just one touch. How to Root Android Without Computer
For those new to the world of rooting, acquiring root access essentially grants you elevated permissions. With root access, you are able to access and modify files that would normally be inaccessible, such as files stored on the /data and /system partitions. Having root access also allows you to run an entirely different class of third-party applications and apply deep, system-level modifications. And by proxy, you may also be able to access certain device features that would otherwise be inaccessible or use existing features in new ways.
In this article we will list all different methods/apps from which you can root android w…